"Don't be afraid", the voice whispered in my ear.  She was so close, I could feel her vibrations in my eardrum.  As I looked up into the dark blue sky, my body began to feel as light as a feather.  I could see the sky getting dimmer by the second.  "You're dying, but don't be frightened", the voice said.  My heart began to beat fast, and I was afraid.  I felt no pain, but couldn't believe that I would no longer exist in this world.  This is really happening, I thought to myself.  Before the sky got completely dark, I saw the most gigantic wings come out of nowhere.  Hovering, then swooping towards me.  They were grey, yeah, a transparent grey color that seemed to cover the whole sky.  Coming for little old me.  I was cold and so scared.  I thought I had prepared myself for this moment, but nothing can prepare you for death.  "Don't be afraid" she who was me said once again.  She indented my forehead with a kiss.

 photography by me.

Dreamt: 8.2.10

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