My Guilty Pleasure: Reality (fake) TV

Basketball Wives, Bad Girls Club, Teen Mom 2, Jersey Shore, and the Real Housewives of NY. 

First to go is Basketball Wives.  This show makes no sense whatsoever.  None of the women on this show are even wives, so why did they name it this?  I don't know, but Shaunie has given these women an outlet to act a fool on national TV.  Drama,Drama,Drama and airing their dirty laundry is what this show is about.  Now that the season is over, I will NOT be keeping up with the second season.  Done!

Second to go is Real Housewives of NY.  Bethenny made the prior two seasons easier to watch, but now that she has grown up and left the show, it's just not the same!  I tried to watch the season opener and it shouldn't have surprised me at how fake they all are now, especially Alex!  So, I will not be watching this show anymore.

Teen Mom 2...yep, I was a fan and was heavily wrapped up in these girls' lives.  I laughed and cried with them, but now those days are over.  They are bringing in a set of new girls, and I will not be around for the introduction.  I will not be indulging in these girl's family issues, babies having babies, boys not ready to be fathers, etc.  It was entertaining while it lasted, but now I'm backing away quietly :) 

I've been a fan of Bad Girls club since it FIRST started and I've been glued to it ever since.  This season is about to be over and although they've never given me a dull Monday night with the fighting and backstabbing one another every chance they get, I don't want to see it anymore.  The show is predictable.  All of the girls are competing to see who's the baddest, the sluttiest, and the loudest person in the house...It's a competition that I don't want to witness anymore.  This will be my last season of watching it, and I don't think I'll be missing much.  Therefore, I'm letting go.  I'm closing the curtain after BGC6.

Now!  Jersey Shore is the most entertaining reality show of all times.  I'm still unsure why that is but I can never get enough of my girl JWOW, Situation, and Pauly D.  Being that they will be in Italy this summer, how can I not watch?  This show will remain, but I'm time, it will get old and predictable as well, then

I will be over my reality (fake) tv fascinations.  That time will be spent doing something more productive.  Anything besides watching the crazy wiles of other people's lives.  I have enough craziness in my own world, so I don't need to watch anyone else's.

I know they've added on a slew of reality tv shows like mob wives, toni braxton, sinbad, terry crews, kardashians (yuck), and lamar & khloe (double yuck!) but I'm sure their ratings will do just fine without little ole me watching.

Essentially, I want to stop watching TV all together.  (yikes!)  :)

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