....just a taste of my Realistic BucKeT list

*     A stronger faith and understanding of God
*     Become fluent in Spanish, Italian, and French
*     Own an RV and travel across the country
*     Plant "baby" trees to take place of the ones that are constantly being chopped down
*     Become self-sufficient (which entails growing my own vegetables, and fruits, etc)
*     Live like the natives in every country I visit
*     Mentor and counsel our youth  (because they are our future)
*     Own a small farm where I will foster rescue dogs & cats, horses, etc.
*     Visit a convent
*     Live or study abroad
*     Talk to elderly people and listen to their stories
*     Take dance classes (hip-hop & salsa)
*     Learn how to breakdance
*     Apply for Amazing Race
*     Get rid of technology (TV, phones, Internet) everything but music :)
*     Purchase an original painting/art piece of Jean-Michel Basquiat
*     Visit Cuba to meet & talk to Assata Shakur
*     Edit photos and film all day

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