Rest, My Dear Macie


My "big girl" Macie has had a rough couple of months.  A few weeks ago, I noticed swelling and blood behind her ear.  I immediately rushed her to the animal emergency hospital.  They took her to the back and after a couple hours of waiting, they said it looks like she was bitten by a venomous spider OR it could be a growth tumor that has formed on her ear.  When the dr. even suggested it to be a tumor, I knew there was no possible way...  They gave her a shot, prescribed meds & ointment.  She also told me they shaved the hair off of her ear so it could be easily cleaned and carefully watched over the next few days.  $250 bill, and a bag full of medicine later, we're walking out to the car, and I decide to fully look at her ear.  What I saw made me cry on the spot.  I didn't realize the severity of the swelling and the growth that protruded from her ear almost down to her face.  With a lot of belly rubbing, tears, and prayer, Ms. Macie is back to herself and ready for some squirrel action  :)

... until Friday night...  I will spare you the details, but she was attacked by a cat.  Luckily her eyes weren't clawed; only her eyelids.  She bled a little, but all in all she was ok.  

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