Unfriendly Dreams

I had a dream that I desperately wish I didn't remember.  I woke up in disbelief and soon followed by tears.  When I think about it, it brings back all of the sadness, pain, and regret that I have been running from lately.

No matter where I go, what I do - it is always there to remind me it's never too far behind.  Instead of wallowing the day away, I will get dressed and go do something, anything to preoccupy my mind.  It's amazing how the very thing you were born with is the exact thing you have to run away from.
I just heard a famous fashion designer passed away suddenly this past Saturday.  I went to his IG page, and it's an eerie feeling to see their last post.  They have no clue it would be their last.. if they did, I wonder what they would post.  That's the thing about earth life, it's so temporary.

As of today, my current IG post is of fall colored tree leaves.  I wouldn't mind that being my last post, only because I love nature and the outdoors.

It is going to be a great day, regardless of this dream, and regardless of the cold weather. 

I am practicing to not let the negativity visit me
too long.  

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