Hmmm.  I've never shot this way before.  Lately, I've been purposely blurring my shots.  No sharpness, or contrast here.  Just bokeh overkill, out-of-focus shapes and colors.  I began to wonder why I keep doing that.
Presently, this is how I choose to see the world.  There's an uncertainty about this thing called life.  When I take my random late night walks, I see it all; the good and the not so good.  Last night there was a lady who was on her knees in the middle of the street.  As if she was praying for a quick and just death.  She eventually got up, but she may as well laid dead in the street because drugs had become her whole existence.  Some things, I prefer not to capture, although it's forever embedded in my mental archives.
Shooting this way brings me a little peace.  No longer trying to get that "perfect" shot.  Just easy going bursts of color and soothing shapes.

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