I want to be a director today.

She thinks she is cursed.  Tired of the dating scene, one night stands, and blind dates.  She's at her wit's end..... until she meets him.  He's different than the rest.  For one, he's still there the morning after.  Four glorious days they spend together in pure bliss.  "Come with me" he says ...  "I can't".  She buries her head in his lap and cries.  Her fingers grasping him for dear life. As his tee shirt slips from her fingers, she's left alone.again. There's a coldness in her bed that no blanket can warm.  Why didn't she go with him?  Fear.  Knowing opportunities like this doesn't come often, especially in her case, she does the inevitable.  She flies across the country in pursuit of love.  Once settled in a hotel, she makes her way through the rainy streets of London.  looking for her love.  With no phone number or address, it wasn't going to be easy.  After days of searching, nothing.  she takes a look in the mirror and for once in her life, she knows everything will be ok, with or without him.  in this foreign country she finds herself and smiles.  She's now exploring the city, shopping, and meeting new people.  It's time to go home.  She's content.  She hops on the train and makes her way to the airport.  **No... he doesn't happen to be on the train as she's heading to the airport and whisks her off to live happily ever after.** 
She gets on the plane, and has no regrets.  She gets home to an empty apartment
and lives happily never after.

The end.

Broken English was a great movie until they ended it unrealistically.  I can't stand movies that do that! 

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